Roompack Extension - Piano

1. Dry sound
2. Stone Room, Supersize Recording Studio
3. Riding Hall
4. Control Room A, Supersize Recording Studio
5. Small Indoor Pool
6. Old University Lobby

Roompack Extension - The French Quarter

1. Dry sound
2. Live Room, Supersize Recording Studio
3. High School Sports Hall
4. Iso Booth, Supersize Recording Studio
5. Living Room #1
6. Dome Hall, Hungarian Parliament

Roompack Extension - Voice (Don LaFontaine exclusive)

1. Dry sound
2. Old University Auditorium
3. Delegation Room, Hungarian Parliament
4. Bedroom #3
5. Session Hall, Hungarian Parliament
6. Old University Laboratory

Lite Edition - My Baby (piano)

1. Dry sound
2. Berliner Philharmonie
3. Baradla Cave
4. Glass Hall
5. Royal Concertgebouw

Lite Edition - Long Time Ago (guitar)

1. Dry sound
2. Basement Rehearsal Room
3. Main Scoring Stage
4. Vatroslav Lisinski Small Concert Hall
5. Studio Tracking Room

Inspirata Tutorial #2 - Finetune view and the Routing Matrix

In this tutorial video, we introduce the numerous adjustable parameters on the FINETUNE view, we demonstrate how to control the parameters globally or source-by-source, and we show you how to use the Routing Matrix.

Inspirata Tutorial #1 - Basic view, Main Controls and Browser

In this tutorial video, we introduce the functions of the Basic view, the Main Control Panel and the Browser section of Inspirata.

Stereo width controls in Inspirata

Check out some of the spatial and stereo width controls in Inspirata.

Inspirata review

Critically acclaimed jazz and prog rock mixing and mastering engineer Mark Wingfield gives a parameter walkthrough and demonstrates audio examples of the Inspired Acoustics Inspirata Reverb.

Inspirata Professional - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Professional Edition.

Inspirata Personal - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Personal Edition.

Inspirata Lite - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Lite Edition.

Inspirata - Get a Glimpse

Get a Glimpse of what INSPIRATA can do to your orchestral recordings 

Inspirata Product Introduction

Welcome to INSPIRATA!

Inspirata Product Teaser

See this hilarious auditioning for INSPIRATA.

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