Pachelbel - Magnificat - verset 4

performed by Eric Dalest

J.S. Bach's Concerto in A Minor (BWV 593)

performed live by Joseph Felice


J. S. Bach - Fugue in C Minor

performed by Joseph Felice


F. Peeters: Monastic Peace

Performed by Paul Carmona


F. Peeters: Monastic Peace

1. Dry sound
2. Matthias Church - Budapest
3. Votive Church - Szeged
4. Heilig Geist Kirche - Mannheim
5. St. Laurentius Church - Weinheim

Inspirata Tutorial #2 - Finetune view and the Routing Matrix

In this tutorial video, we introduce the numerous adjustable parameters on the FINETUNE view, we demonstrate how to control the parameters globally or source-by-source, and we show you how to use the Routing Matrix.

Inspirata Tutorial #1 - Basic view, Main Controls and Browser

In this tutorial video, we introduce the functions of the Basic view, the Main Control Panel and the Browser section of Inspirata.


J.S. Bach: Fugue in d minor (BWV 539)

1. Dry sound
2. St. Benedict Church - Scorzè (Front)
3. St. Benedict Church - Scorzè (Rear)
4. St. Bonifatiuskloster - Hünfeld
5. Ev. Johanneskirche - Darmstadt

Stereo width controls in Inspirata

Check out some of the spatial and stereo width controls in Inspirata.


M. Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (1st movement)

1. Dry sound
2. Esztergom Basilica
3. Heilig Geist Kirche - Mannheim
4. St. Laurentius Church - Weinheim
5. Berliner Philharmonie
6. Baradla Cave Concert Hall - Aggtelek
7. Béla Bartók National Concert Hall - Budapest

Inspirata review

Critically acclaimed jazz and prog rock mixing and mastering engineer Mark Wingfield gives a parameter walkthrough and demonstrates audio examples of the Inspired Acoustics Inspirata Reverb.

Inspirata Professional - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Professional Edition.

Inspirata Personal - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Personal Edition.

Inspirata Lite - Demonstration

A short demonstration video of INSPIRATA Lite Edition.

Inspirata - Get a Glimpse

Get a Glimpse of what INSPIRATA can do to your orchestral recordings