Returns and Refunds

Thank you for shopping at Inspired Acoustics. We believe that you will find our products satisfying.

We encourage you to evaluate our products thoroughly before purchasing them, using the trial versions where available and the demos and user manuals, as well as reviews and press coverage. Please also feel free to ask us directly if you have any questions.

Returns and refunds

Please understand that refund requests are only accepted in special circumstances, as described below.

  • Returns/refunds may be granted up to 30 days after your purchase with the following conditions.
  • Canceling an order of a physically delivered product is possible within 14 days after delivery for any reason if the product is in a new and unopened and uninstalled condition and the license was not yet redeemed or activated, if applicable. In case the 14 days time period is beyond the 30 days limit of processing your refund (for example if you request a later delivery), you still can cancel your order within 14 days after delivery if the box was not opened. Canceled orders should be returned at the customer's cost.
  • No cancellation of a download delivery product is possible; all sales are final and are processed immediately. However, canceling a download delivery order is possible within 14 days from purchase if and only if the product and its license were not yet downloaded and redeemed to a computer; download delivery products, processed immediately, requiring no license activation are not eligible for a refund. No refunds of download delivery products are possible after 14 days of the purchase.
  • Not-for-resale and demo licenses, as well as their product data and physical materials, cannot be transferred, returned or refunded.
  • Pre-orders purchased through the IA webstore may be canceled for any reason within 7 days before the announced shipping time if the product has not yet started to ship (either physically or downloaded). A processing fee of 5% will be deducted from the refund.
  • For custom developments, no cancellation is possible, all sales are final except if the product is defective within 30 days of delivery because of an error of IA and there is no workaround. Personalized products may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances.
  • Canceling a subscription is possible within 30 days if the service has not started to be delivered already. A service that has started to be delivered within 8 business days after its purchase cannot be refunded. Subscriptions may be partially refunded for the remaining period.
  • A full refund for physically delivered products, including shipping costs is possible if
    • the product cannot be shipped because of an error of IA and there is no workaround, not even with a download
    • if the seal of the product containing the End-User License Agreement is un-opened (where applicable) and the product is returned in new condition and the product was not downloaded and its license was not redeemed
    • if the (seal of the) product is opened and the product is defective / not functional because of an error of IA and there is no workaround
  • You may be provided with an exchange option upon a refund request.
  • A full refund usually covers the full purchase amount including the shipping, but the shipping fee covering the return of the item should be paid separately by the customer. The refunded amount will be paid within 30 days and is often refunded to the original method of payment.
  • Software licenses must be removed prior to receiving a refund if possible. Fees for this removal, if any, must be paid by the customer.
  • If you are technically unable to download a product, you are eligible for a refund only if the error is on the IA side. That error can happen if the download service is down for at least 14 days and no alternative download methods can be provided. If your Internet connection is slow or there is a technical reason why you cannot access the IA download services at the desired speed, and it is impossible or inconvenient to find a workaround (e.g., another computer or connection), you may order the product shipped for the price of the installation medium and shipping only, but you may not request a refund for this reason.
  • Refunds processed via our resellers or distributors may require an extended period of time that is beyond our control and can be more than 90 days.

FastSpring, a trusted reseller of Entel is operating the IA webstore. FastSpring is a company in the United States of America with its own return policy. For general information on their refund policy and process, please visit their website at When purchasing from FastSpring, refunds may be granted up to 30 days after your purchase. Customers may be asked to provide a valid reason for the refund request and FastSpring and/or IA may suggest alternative ways to resolve the issues. To request a return of a product, you can either contact FastSpring at or contact directly us. Technically, when you contact FastSpring and request a refund, FastSpring will contact us so that we can help resolve your issue. When you purchase a product through the IA webstore operated by FastSpring, customer protection rules of the United States of America apply. When you purchase a product directly from IA using bank transfer, for example, customer protection rules of the European Union, and particular rules of Hungary apply.

Additional notes

Additionally, please note the following in the Return Policy

  • Since many products of IA require a license to be redeemed, downloaded, and activated to a hardware key (USB key) or an external provider (i.e., PACE iLok), a deactivation process may also be necessary to initiate a return. This procedure may result in a nominal additional fee that we need to pay to the third parties and must be covered by the customer.
  • In case the license of a product is technically shared with another product (i.e., two products are using the same licenses even if two different serial numbers were provided when you purchased them), and the customer owns both products and wishes to retain the other product, there is no technical way to return a product license and therefore the product may not be returnable.
  • International distributors and resellers may set their own refund policies. Please kindly contact them for their exact terms and conditions on returns and refunds.
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