What's new in PAB 3.0

Have you seen the introduction video to PAB 3?

PAB 3.0 with all new sounds

We went back to the original recordings and reprocessed them using the latest methods. This resulted in a significant audible change.

In this example below you can compare how different PAB version 2 and PAB version 3 sound. These audio excerpts show a quiet stop heavily amplified (a Flute conique 4' from the Positive) to highlight the most subtle details.

Concert hall acoustics

Cathedral acoustics

All new Editions

Apart from the Trial Edition which did not change except for the sound content, there are now 3 new editions in PAB 3.0:

  • PAB Gravissimo 3.0
  • PAB Professional 3.0
  • PAB Medium 3.0

All new Editions of PAB 3.0 feature both the original concert hall and the cathedral acoustics, straight out-of-the-box.

The Extended Edition is no longer offered since its features merged into the Professional Edition v3. The Small and Essential Editions are also discontinued. The Medium Edition has the same number of stops in both version, so does the Professional, but the new Gravissimo Edition has now 151 stops compared to the previous 149. The new stops are:

  • Glockenspiel on the Solo
  • Violette 2' on the Récit (swell).

All new features

  • Concert hall and cathedral acoustics in all editions
  • New graphics with portrait screen support in all editions
  • Sample based tremulant: LFO trems are now retired
  • Dynamic KeyboardMass™ in all editions
  • Advanced on-screen voicing in all editions

Converter tools for existing combinations

PAB has so significant internal changes in the organ definition file that it has a completely different structure so any of your existing combinations saved in Hauptwerk 4 will need a conversion so that they will keep working. To help this process we engineered two tools that will convert them. You can access the tool designed for PC and Mac here. Please make sure to read the Download Instructions before downloading.


Upgrade your existing PAB to PAB 3.0

All PAB versions are eligible to upgrading to v3.

Upgrade your PAB v1/v2 to v3

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