New Pricing Models

Budapest, 29 November 2023

We have been offering virtual instruments and digital signal processing plugins for the past almost 20 years. Our journey began with the release of our first product in 2004. Since then, the virtual pipe organ and plugin markets have undergone significant transformations.

At Inspired Acoustics, we're passionate engineers with a deep love for audio. It's time for our products and pricing to evolve in response to the industry's shifting dynamics. In this blog post, we'll explain the reasoning behind our updated pricing and what it means for you.

  1. Prioritizing You: Our products have always stood out: our inaugural pipe organ virtual instrument, the largest of its kind, quickly found its way into top Hollywood movies. Our reverb product, INSPIRATA, entered an already saturated reverb market at a time when most believed nothing new could be introduced. We've heavily invested in innovation, and our products were groundbreaking, but their pricing didn't match that spirit. We've noted and acknowledged feedback regarding our products' affordability.
  2. New Pricing Model’s Rehearsal: In late 2023, we launched an initiative to assess whether a revolutionary pricing model would resonate with our audience. The overwhelmingly positive response has prompted us to adopt this model across all our products.
  3. Embracing Technological Advancements: Our unwavering commitment to innovation has steered us towards cutting-edge solutions, notably in AI. These technological strides not only uplift the quality of our products and services but also result in substantial operational savings. We're eager to share these benefits with you.
  4. Revolutionary Cost-Value Ratios: We recognize that for many, our offerings are seen as luxury items. We want our products to be foundational and indispensable in every professional and home studio. Achieving this goal requires a more accessible pricing model.
  5. Transparency in Decision-Making: While we're revisiting the pricing of the majority of our products, some will remain unchanged. Our B2B offerings, especially those tailored for special applications or research and development institutions (such as the INSPIRATA Immersive), will retain their current price points. This decision is strategic, ensuring that we deliver exceptional value to customers who previously found our products out of reach.

We trust this sheds light on our latest pricing initiative. Our core mission remains consistent: to offer unrivaled value. This pricing evolution is a testament to that pledge. We encourage you to delve into our enriched product lineup and experience the exceptional value firsthand.

If you are into numbers:

  • The average price reduction is 52%
  • The median price reduction is 60%
  • Large products got a price reduction of over 80%

What else is changing? Some of the smaller editions of virtual pipe organs will be sunset as the larger editions are now more affordable than these originally were. If you already have any of these smaller edition virtual pipe organ products, you can upgrade them at a small fee to the larger editions. Only a few remaining copies of the smaller editions are left in stock at a heavily discounted rate.

Check out the new prices of Inspirata and Virtual Pipe Organs!

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