Inspirata in 2 minutes

Dive into this concise overview of INSPIRATA, the game-changing reverb workstation. If you have just 2 minutes to grasp its essence, this is the must-read post for you.


INSPIRATA is a groundbreaking reverb workstation that offers an unparalleled blend of sampled spaces and computational flexibility. Designed by seasoned acoustic consultants, this tool is revolutionizing the way we perceive and use reverb in audio production.

Key Features of INSPIRATA

1. Unique Technology: Unlike traditional convolution or algorithmic reverbs, INSPIRATA is a computational reverb. It offers the realism of sampled spaces with unmatched flexibility.

2. Diverse Offerings: INSPIRATA v1 is available in four editions:

  •   Lite: Cost-effective and captures the core sound essence.
  •   Personal: Advanced version designed for stereo.
  •   Professional: Suitable for surround sound.
  •   Immersive: Tailored for research and high-end applications, available upon request.

Every purchase includes a 50-space room pack, with additional rooms available for purchase. From mid-April 2023, both perpetual and subscription licenses will be available.

3. Global User Base: By early 2023, INSPIRATA has been adopted by professionals, celebrities, and enthusiasts in over 155 countries.

4. Years of Development: While exact costs remain undisclosed, INSPIRATA offers a sound quality worth millions, backed by over 16 years of development.

5. The Inspiration Behind INSPIRATA: Born from the need for a reverb that combines the best of both sampled and algorithmic reverbs, INSPIRATA bridges the gap. It offers the realism of convolution reverbs and the flexibility of algorithmic ones, all while focusing on parameters that truly matter to sound quality.

6. A Comprehensive Workstation: INSPIRATA isn't just a reverb plugin. It allows users to redesign room acoustics in real-time, simulating changes like adding reflectors or adjusting damping. It's a complete workstation that handles technical processing to ensure accurate sound reproduction.

7. A New Approach to Reverb: INSPIRATA uses a unique convolution algorithm that mimics the slight variations you'd experience in a real hall. It's a step closer to physical reality, considering many of its imperfections.

8. Adjustable Acoustic Parameters: INSPIRATA allows users to adjust parameters related to time, energy, and space, ensuring a sound that's tailored to individual preferences.

9. Understanding Wet/Dry and Reverberant/Direct: INSPIRATA differentiates between the processed and unprocessed sound (Wet/Dry) and the balance between direct and reverberant sound. This distinction ensures a more realistic sound reproduction.

10. Adjusting Reverb Levels: INSPIRATA offers multiple ways to adjust reverb levels, from mixing processed and unprocessed sounds to changing decay times or adjusting directivity.

11. Surround Sound and Upmixing: INSPIRATA can be used for native surround sound or upmixing. Users can map each input to a sound source in INSPIRATA, defining the speaker setup for the desired surround sound format.

12. Accuracy: INSPIRATA uses over 517,000 impulse responses from 50 rooms, ensuring a vast and accurate sound library.

13. Resource Efficiency: INSPIRATA is optimized for minimal CPU and RAM usage. It's compatible with both older processors and the latest CPUs, including Apple Silicon M1/M2.

14. Multilingual GUI: Recognizing the global user base and the complexity of some terms, INSPIRATA's interface is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


INSPIRATA is more than just a reverb plugin; it's a comprehensive workstation that's set to redefine the audio industry's standards. With its unique technology, diverse offerings, and commitment to quality, INSPIRATA is truly the future of reverb workstations.

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