INSPIRATA™ is a unique measurement-based reverb workstation providing you with total acoustic freedom. Choose from a wide variety of real acoustic spaces, and position your sound sources and the virtual microphone just as if you were there. INSPIRATA implements a cutting-edge proprietary time-variant convolution technology to deliver a true-to-life sound.

"In a 3D world, you need Inspirata, it’s the best immersive measurement-based reverb I have used."

 Simon Franglen (composer and immersive audio nut)

/Titanic, Avatar, Skyfall, Spectre, The Magnificent Seven and many more/

Total acoustic freedom

Creating a shockingly realistic sense of space and depth is what INSPIRATA was designed for. Just as if you were in the real space itself. With INSPIRATA you are able to:

  • Move, position and automate multiple sound sources and the virtual microphone in a real acoustic space

  • Freely adjust the directivity of the virtual microphone setup from Omnidirectional to Figure of 8

  • Adjust real acoustic parameters such as apparent source sound width (ASW), listener envelopment (LEV) or sound clarity (C80).

World-renown spaces

INSPIRATA contains a massive room library with measurement data captured in an unprecedented spatial detail and resolution. Choose from a wide variety of spaces including:

  • Iconic performance venues with precisely designed acoustic characteristics

  • Places of worship with long and lush reverb tails

  • Post-production spaces with extraordinary acoustics

  • Ordinary domestic spaces with simple and natural acoustics

and much more.

Made by acousticians

INSPIRATA is the culmination of many years of research and development by acoustic consultants. Our goal was to:

  • Create a shockingly realistic and immersive sound experience

  • Make all sampled acoustic spaces accessible to INSPIRATA users, even spaces where recording is limited or problematic.

  • Provide the possibility to adjust those acoustic parameters that truly matter to our ears, the parameters that are used when designing a real performance space

  • Create a room library with the highest quality standard and spatial resolution, all based on true measurements.

3D immersive audio support

INSPIRATA supports surround configurations by design, it is a key feature of the workstation. With INSPIRATA you can:

  • Upmix your mono or stereo mix to a wide variety of 3D surround configurations.

  • Apply reverberation to your surround audio or multi-channel audio material

  • Choose from a wide variety of surround output options up to 22.2, including Dolby Atmos®.

(Available output surround configurations vary between different Editions of INSPIRATA and depend on DAW support.)

“The superb sonic texture, attention to detail and the ability to control the source and listening position on these reverbs from a bedroom, to the most iconic concert halls and churches is outstanding.”

– Eddie “El Brujo" Caipo (Producer, FOH and Monitor Engineer)

/Gwen Stefani, Enrique Iglesias/

Press reviews

Watch the story of INSPIRATA

"This thing sounds absolutely UNREAL! This is the most natural sounding reverb plugin I have ever heard. Absolutely amazing."

 Zakk Cervini (producer/mixer/songwriter)

/All Time Low, Machine Gun Kelly, Bring Me The Horizon/

Tailored to your needs

Inspirata comes in four editions with distinct feature sets to offer solutions for different needs.

  • Inspirata Lite Edition is the most compact edition, a stereo reverb workstation with ultra-realistic sound and a wide variety of spaces to choose from.

  • Inspirata Personal Edition introduces the revolutionary free positioning possibility of the virtual microphone and sound sources in the selected space.

  • Inspirata Professional Edition is a real workhorse with advanced routing capabilities and surround support up to 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos. A solution for real professionals.

  • Inspirata Immersive Edition has the most extended feature set of all editions. A true Immersive workstation for any music or post-production situation with surround support up to 22.2

"I love using Inspirata on orchestral mockups. It brings a good sample library to life."

– Les Schefman (composer)

A vast collection of real spaces

INSPIRATA comes with a library of 50 real acoustic spaces measured with an unprecedented spatial detail - over 500,000 impulse responses. You can browse from iconic concert halls, huge-sounding cathedrals for mixing music or ordinary spaces for post-production situations.

Listen to some demos

Demonstration of positioning sound sources in a recording studio live room, adjusting the virtual microphone settings and the spatial parameters with INSPIRATA Professional Edition.

Demonstrating some key features of INSPIRATA Professional Edition with a dry trumpet and organ recording.

Roompack Extensions available

In addition to the 50 sampled spaces included with all edition of INSPIRATA, you can further expand your room library with different Roompack Extensions. You can get access to all additional spaces with the all-acces yearly subsrcirption model, or you can purchase thematic Roompack Extensions as perpetual licenses. The Roompack Extension products are comatible all INSPIRATA editions, including Lite.

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